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I have taught entrepreneurialism to people all over the world. No matter where I go, my Money, Money, Money talk is always the most popular with audiences and leaders. Most basic business classes, books, lectures, and articles are about the simple and necessary elements of starting a business: value proposition, suppliers, marketing, distribution, bookkeeping, and or customer service. The questions I get the most, however, is what business should I start and how do I start it? 


So, I decided to write a larger book, from which this book is an excerpt. The big book coming out later this year is Start Your Business Today: 101 Business Ideas You Can Start with Little to No Money or Specialized Training. It provides business ideas across all kinds of categories, in roughly the same format as this book with real life success stories and mini-business plans. This book, 37 Ways to Work at Home Today with Little to No Money or Specialized Training represents the best virtual and work-from-home ideas from Start Your Business Today.


With 10 million Americans applying for unemployment in March 2020, ten times more than the prior record of 695,000, and tens of millions more out of work worldwide, I wanted to get these work-from-home ideas out to people quickly, while they were still suffering from layoffs, furloughs, and a violent business decline. Use this information to start your business, to provide for your family in tough times, and to use this crisis as an opportunity to begin building your dream.