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"Jim Palumbo's book is a practical and helpful book, which is truly relevant to our present circumstances. We are especially excited to see how the book's ideas will bring fruit in a country like Hungary, where entrepreneurial spirit has been discouraged for long - especially through the decades of Communism." 
- Peter Szabo, Publishing Director Presbiterianus Kiado

“It is hard to imagine anyone who would read this and not say at one point, “Hey, I could do that.” So for the person in the right place to take advantage of the advice, this book could make a big difference. Palumbo combines the ideas with stories of actual businesses built online and follows each section with pointers to practical resources. I so enjoyed the book that I gave a copy to my daughter who just graduated from college to spur her on. 

Large sectors of our economy have just changed. This book will help you see what the knowledge, product and service industries landscape looks like now for you.”

–  Sam A. Andreades, Pastor & Author of “Engendered” June 8, 2020


“Author Jim Palumbo provides a valuable service to those who are able and willing to work, but for one reason or another need to work from home.  Everyone from the stay-at-home Mom, to the physically disabled, to the retiree who prefers to leave the daily commute in their rearview mirror, can benefit from 37 Ways to Work From Home.  Palumbo offers practical advice on how to get started and how not to get discouraged when obstacles emerge.” 

– Phil Remmers - Pres, Robert Morrison Project


“For such a time like this, 37 Ways to Work From Home Today rewards readers of all backgrounds and skills, with lots of very valuable real-life examples and suggestions. There is plenty of wise counsel in its content. Great book! Thank you, Jim!”

–  Jorge Rudko, Author of HACKED MINDS


“I believe this could be one of the most valuable tools available for anyone that has been affected financially by this global pandemic. The author has wonderfully reminded us, that there are many ways to re-create, sustain, and provide for ourselves, from the comfort of your home. May you rise to new heights in your journey, of finding new opportunities in being productive from home!”

– Sam Rodriguez, Publishing Professional, Founder of

“I believe that the true currency of business is relationships. This book is an invaluable gift full of ways you can launch a business and build relationships with people. Download it, read it, but most importantly do it!” 

– Matt Bird, CEO of Relationology Ltd & Author of Relationology 101


"Jim Palumbo knows his stuff and has given us a gift in this little book. A quick read, it offers a perfect blend of inspirational examples and specific ideas to take those all-important first steps. Well done Jim!"

– Kurt Bruner, best-selling author and CEO of Inkling Associates Inc.


“Such great timing for this book! The current events are changing the way we do business forever. What a great guide chock full of insights into a multitude of business ventures. This book combines advice and insights on getting started, lots of helpful tips and encouragement. I will be recommending it to my clients.” 

–  John Ribeiro, President, California Consulting Services


“Working from home is fine if you have a job, but what if you don’t?  To the rescue comes Jim Palumbo with his pithy book, 37 Ways to Work From Home Today.  All you need is passion, perseverance, and a connection to the Internet.  A wonderful resource for those who are newly unemployed, bored with retirement and seeking extra income or just want to take control of their financial lives.” 

– Dan Solin, author of the Smartest series of books.

“37 Ways to Work from Home Today provides the reader with real-life success stories, the mind-set for success, and the building blocks to see their dreams and aspirations come true. My wife and I ran our company from the comfort of our home for over 30 years. We were there for our three children and never missed a ball game or recital. We did business from our deck, overlooking the pool. Owning your own business can be challenging, but at the same time the most rewarding experience you will ever have.” 

- Bill Giarratana – Retired President of LG&G Group, LLC.

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