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The United States is often called the richest country in the world. Often, as believers, we feel guilty about the money or nice things we own. Should we, though? Money is a resource that God chooses to give to us, as well as a blessing. If that’s the case, should we feel guilty about owning a nice house or car? Today Jim Palumbo and Gary Wilkerson discuss the answers and how we can have wisdom with our money.

Money is sometimes seen as a taboo or touchy subject, but it affects nearly every aspect of our lives. It can open new opportunities or allow us to pass on blessings to our children and others. It can also bring out struggles faster than almost anything else. Investment Advisor and ministry worker Jim Palumbo joins us this week to discuss money and the spiritual impact it can have.

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What you’ll hear about in this episode

  • The non-advice activities of running a financial planning firm

  • Freeing up advisers from the “business of business” to focus on financial advice

  • How to overcome “superman syndrome” and let go of the non-advice work

  • Swapping capability with a focus on growth

  • Spending 20% of your time of growth opportunities

  • Digital marketing techniques for financial advisers

  • The importance of a CRM system for client follow up

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Ep 38: 3 Reasons Advisors Shouldn’t Do Everything Themselves with Jim Palumbo

“We have one humongous arch-nemesis and the initials are DIY. The do it yourself-ers have ultimately decided to just try to go it on their own. A majority of advisors don’t choose a platform like ours, end up just doing everything themselves and here they are a year or two later, their hair is still on fire and they work until eight o’clock at night trying to catch up other things. It’s not a great life.”

The Tough Truth About a Profitable Practice

Growing your practice isn’t just about good marketing. If you’re looking to make a better impression outwards, look inwards first at the foundation of any future growth – your profitability. The need to achieve profitability is something that most business owners take for granted. But for financial advisors, achieving that goal is especially important, as my guest, Jim Palumbo, explains.

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"Don't Run Your Practice Like a Lemonade Stand"

You can’t run an advisory practice like a lemonade stand and expect to be profitable. Advisors who are starting out need to operate their practices as real businesses. But that isn’t what most do. Result? Instead of turning a meaningful profit, they’re “scrambling to keep up” with growth, argues Jim Palumbo, principal and chief development officer of Dynamic Wealth Advisors, in an interview with ThinkAdvisor. Click To Read Article


1980s Song Titles that Describe Advisory Practices

Call us old-fashioned, but we can’t help nodding our heads with the beat when

we hear 80s music on the radio. This one’s for you, financial advisors!

Here are some lessons you can learn from 1980s song titles about running a profitable advisory practice. Click To Read Article

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