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Five Ways to Thrive in Quarantine #4 Start a Business

"To venture causes anxiety, but not to venture is to lose one's self ..." -Kierkegaard

#4. Start a Business

Lost your job or laid-off? Start a business today! It’s really not that hard—well actually it is hard work, but the barriers to entry are not as difficult as you may think. Entrepreneurialism is alive and well and may be the only way for many folks to earn a living during the lockdown. I can't fit all the information you will need here, so I want to direct you to my soon-to-be-released book, Start Your Business Today: 101 Business Ideas You Can Start with Little or No Money or Education, which is coming out later this year. Although it won’t be ready in time to help those suffering financially under the quarantine, I’m releasing the best work-from-home ideas from that book now: thirty-seven ways you can work from home or work virtually.

It’s important to make the eBook available to everyone who needs it. Therefore, you can go to and access your free copy of 31 Ways to Work from Home Now. You don’t need much money or special education to get started. My goal is to give you concise, actionable ideas with stories of people who have succeeded in the featured business, tips, techniques, and a sample business plan canvas. I want you to know that I’m sincerely hoping and praying for your success as you seize the day and thrive.

Use the form at the bottom of the page to download your free eBook, 37 WAYS TO WORK FROM HOME TODAY: Business Ideas You Can Start Today with Little to No Money, Education, or Special Training. I'm providing it to you at no charge during these difficult times. If you know someone who is hurting financially during this economic contraction, send them to this blog for encouragement and concrete ideas to thrive in tough times.

Be safe, stay healthy, and thrive.

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