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My book is featured in an article in UK Christian News

I was pleased to come across this article in UK Christian News:

London (November 16, 2020) The coronavirus pandemic has shown how effective it can be for employees to work from home. Some companies are even giving up their offices and asking staff to work remotely on a permanent basis. Commuters have found relief from not having to travel two hours a day, saving time and energy. However, Covid-19 has also brought devastation to the workplace as so many people have lost their jobs. If you find yourself in this difficult position, there is hope. You can start to generate a new income as you work from home.

Author and businessman, Jim Palumbo, has many years of experience in wealth creation and has just put together an ebook that will inspire you! Entitled, ’37 Ways To Work From Home Today’ it aims to provide “Business ideas you can start now with little or no money or specialised training.” The ebook was put together during lockdown and speaks directly to those suffering from layoffs, furloughs, or business decline.

Jim affirms that with hard work and diligence, great ideas can succeed. He encourages those affected by the Covid-19 quarantine to start a business and provide for their families in these tough times, using the crisis as an opportunity to begin building their dreams. “I’m sharing my story to inspire you to succeed: to affirm that you can start a business from nothing and grow it into a multi-million-dollar enterprise,” says Jim. “Working from home is not necessarily a barrier to your success, it could actually be the launchpad for you to achieve your dreams and aspirations.” Jim is the founder of EvangAlliance, a non-profit multi-media ministry committed to empowering people around the world. He has started more than a dozen companies and advised business owners for some 25 years. He knows how to build businesses from thin-air, without money or advanced training, and teaches entrepreneurs how to succeed while balancing a meaningful life with a profitable business.

37 Ways To Work From Home Today

37 Ways To Work From Home Today has been described as “the perfect book for uncertain economic times.” John Ribeiro of California Consulting Services says: “Such great timing for this book. Current events are changing the way we do business forever. What a great guide, full of insights into a multitude of business ventures. This book combines advice and insights on getting started, lots of helpful tips and encouragement.”

Jim Palumbo is an entrepreneur, teacher, evangelist, church planter, member of Times Square Church in New York City and serves on the board of directors for World Radio Network and World Challenge. He lives in Colorado Springs with his wife and children. His motto: “Only as we help others succeed, do we succeed ourselves.”

“Only as we help others succeed, do we succeed ourselves.”

Click to get your free digital copy of 37 Ways To Work From Home Today.

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